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Title: Corrupt Fruit
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Lemons, blood, gore, rape, violence, and Yuri BDSM. "R" is what most of the series is.)
Pairing: Tsuzuki + OC, OC + OC (Two of these)
Genre: Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Drama, Hentai
Chapter: Fourty-five chapters
Comments: Fifth one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Nakata Rieko wasn't exactly an angel of a student. She was highly unstable, drank, did drugs, highly suicidal, and very promiscuious. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that she would be found dead and three weeks pregnant in her dorm bathtub, right? Not with the Eda-Kimoto burns on her wrists. Dr. Yamashita, Anna's former psycharitist, is being blamed for her death. So, he turns to Anna and the Shinigami for help. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Emiko and the demons seem to be falling back into their old ways afte being out of hell so long. Still, Tsuzuki + OC. Yuri S&M and maybe some het lemons. Plus violence as well.

I don't own YnM. That belongs to Yoko Matsushita.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Yes, there are some spoilers in the story.

Actual Fic: Corrupt Fruit


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